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News and Events

Iowa Urban FEWS Project launched

CBER Director Passe is the project coordinator of a new NSF INFEWS grant, which started in January 2020 to members of the Sustainable Cities Team https://www.news.iastate.edu/news/2020/01/22/sustainablecitiesnsf

Sustainable Cities Project

Passe leads PIIR big data for sustainable cities decision making team. Presidential research initiative promotes big thinking in data-driven science. The third round of funding from a presidential initiative will build four research teams that will use big data to benefit human and animal health, improve cities and build new tools for researchers.

Sustainable Cities Project Website: http://www.sustainablecities.cber.iastate.edu/

PIIR news article: http://www.inside.iastate.edu/article/2016/09/08/research

Interlock House Database

NSF EPSCOR concluded summer of 2016. Please check out our interactive database which concludes and compiles our data into comprehensive graphs. http://interlockhousedata.com

History of our Solar Decathalon can be found here. http://solard.iastate.edu