Summer MDL Update

This summer we have completed:

  • Installing the U-Line.
  • Adding seam guides.
  • Installing flooring in mechanical and experimental spaces.
  • Conduit cords for the sensors have been run to every sensor location.
  • Counter for mechanical space has been constructed (Awaiting HVAC to be in place before installing).
  • Added paint finishes along baseboards, seam guides, and mechanical room.
  • Temporary removable wall section completed and put in place, (Will be changed out as experiments require).


In progress:

  • Sensor attachements to conduit.
  • Interior finish is being cut and bolted to seam guides.
  • Final layer of insulation slides in behind interior finish after bolts are in place. The interior finish (white polycarbonate) is removable, so the bolts connect through the seam guides and u-line in a more permanent way. The polycarbonate sheets come off which allow us to remove the material and make any repairs/additions as needed.
  • Radiation shields for the sensors are being constructed.


Needs to be done:

  • HVAC install.
  • Electric install for lights.
  • Sensor connections in mechanical space.
  • Touch up on interior finishes.


The image below is the removable wall section "filler" piece. We will use this when we are between experiments, to gain the base set of data to see what normal temperatures and humidity are, and during transport. It is very heavy.

The image below shows the mechanical wall section installed and view from the interior expiremental space. 


Team update:

Laura Michaelson and Zach Thielen had internships far away from Ames this summer but were able to help install insulation, sensor radiation shield construction, and lighting fixtures before departing for the summer. Yoann ended his internship mid-June, Evan continues to work on his thesis and Kaylinn has an internship in Pella. Both are continuing the work on the MDL until the start of school. We are thankful for all of the time and hard work the team has put into the project. 

Our project deadline has been extended from its original deadline of the end of July to the end of September. We want the project to be functional but also look presentable and well constructed. This takes time to get right and we are taking the necessary amount of time to ensure it is completed well. 


We look forward to the start of the school year, completion of the MDL, and the return of our fellow teammates to continue our research and experimentation with the MDL!