MDL Research Presentation Tour

We have had a research presentation tour for the Mobile Diagnostic Lab! The MDL was presented at the Research in the Capitol (RIC), National Celebration for Undergraduate Research (NCUR), and ISU Undergraduate Symposium.

Research in the Capitol occurred at the Des Moines Capitol building on April 3rd, 2018. We were able to network with peers from other Iowa Universities and meet some of our legislators. We presented a poster on the MDL construction process from the summer of 2017 and discussed future experiments in the works. 


Photo: Zach Thielen (Left), Kaylinn Taggart (Right) at the RIC Conference


National Celebration for Undergraduate Research occurred April 4 - April 7th at the University of Central Oklahoma in Oklahoma City. This conference showcased research from 4,000 students represented from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Peurto Rico, and 18 or 19 other countries. Iowa State was fortunate to send 51 students to the NCUR conference and our research team was part of that. There were numerous oral and poster sessions which we participated in the poster session. 

Photo: Zach Thielen (Left), Laura Michaelson (Middle), Kaylinn Taggart (Right) at the NCUR Conference. 


Iowa State University Undergraduate Research Symposium occurred April 10th we presented again the MDL poster to ISU students, faculty, and families. The ISU undergraduate research symposium was part of a nation-wide research week event.

Photo: Kaylinn Taggart at the ISU UR Symposium