For PIs

Expediting Submission of Proposals through CBER

In our effort to smooth the proposal submission and e-goldsheet routing process, we are requesting that Principal Investigators submit the following to our office five business days in advance of the proposal due date:

This document needs to be turned in seven business days before the sponsoring agency’s submission deadline (postmarked for paper submission, or received, in case of electronic submission). Please allow extra days for proposals where we have to combine individual budgets from several co-principal investigators into one budget for the university. This gives CBER time to formalize the budget and budget justification, prepare any supporting schedules or worksheets, initiate the electronic goldsheet and route your proposal through the university.

Effective July 1, 2004, OSPA implemented a new proposal review and approval process: first in first out FIFO), regardless of deadline date. Additionally, OSPA guarantees proposal review and approval within two business days, as long as all appropriate documentation is submitted with the proposal or provided in a timely manner during the review.

Grant Application

If you are in need of financial assistance for supplies, equipment or travel, please complete the mini-grant application. For those traveling to conferences, students are eligible for $200 and faculty are eligible for $500. Note: due to a finite budget, applications will be considered in order of receipt by CBER.


Completed forms and questions should be submitted to:

Ulrike Passe
Director CBER
491 College of Design