Student Research Team

Current Students:


Robert Agnes

3rd year in Architecture

Rodcely Muro Garrido

4th year in Architecture

Evan Harrison

5th year in Architecture

Carolan Hoffman 

4th year in Architecture

Kaylinn Taggart 

B.A. in Architecture and Senior in Community/Regional Planning

Kaelyn Swetala

Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering

Brian Welch

Junior in Mechanical Engineering

Glenn Veigas

Graduate Research Assistant in Architecture




Former Students


Karthik Abbineni

Information Systems

Jacob Benner

Mechanical Engineering

Kelsey Fleenor


Jesus Hernandez

Evan Jeanblanc


Laura Michealson

Mechanical Engineering

Esdras Murillo

Electrical Engineer with Power and control system emphasis

Kelsie Stopak


Zach Thielen

Senior in Architecture