Interlock House

Interlock House (2013-2016)

This project began in September 2013. The CBER (Center for Building Energy Research) team worked toward understanding what it’s really like to live in a passive solar home that uses building design for climate control instead of mechanical means (such as air conditioning). Part of what makes solar home living such a rewarding lifestyle is how you are able to adjust your surroundings in ways that use almost no energy, and save money to make yourself comfortable, whether it’s snowing, cloudy, or 70 degrees. Occupying a passive solar home also gives you an intimate connection with the climate conditions outdoors. 

In June 2016 we reached our first official year of monitoring where we reached our goal of net energy used! We are continuing to monitor the house and collect data to improve and become a more efficient passive home.

Interlock House is currently located at Honey Creek State Park Resort, 12633 Resort Dr, Moravia, IA 52571. It's about 1 hour and 40 min southeast to Des Moines. It is now being used as the resort's nature center. Dining and Lodging services are very convenient inside the resort. Feel free to come and visit!

Historical performance data, features, and information can be found at:



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