The 2018 Iowa Climate statement is focusing on adapting buildings to the changing climate

Time for Action! Ulrike Passe, associate professor and director of the Center for Building Energy Research at ISU and Jerry Schnoor, co-director of the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research at the University of Iowa, met on Thursday to discuss climate change issues and building design.

Heavier rains are expected to increase as the climate continues to shift which leads to the need to adapt and change how we build our structures. Check out the full article here, posted by The Gazette.

During this news conference also discussed the Iowa Climate Statement which validates the changes we are seeing in the climate is factual and measured by scientists worldwide.

Due to the change in climate, it's important to now work toward better building construction practices.

"Buildings are a very good opportunity because strategies we can use in buildings to reduce fossil fuel consumption are also the strategies which help us to adapt to a warmer climate,” Passe said, (quoted from The Gazette). 

Photo courtacy of Liz Martin/The Gazette